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  • FINAL VOTING: People’s Choice Poll #SocialMen – Bold & Digital Men of Social Media
    Drum roll please… Here it is, the moment we’ve been waiting for. A chance to showcase each one of our carefully selected nominees for the 2011 Bold & Digital Men of Social Media calendar and ask YOU to weigh in on the final voting process. Each individual can vote for 5 men beginning now until 12PM EST on Friday, October 1. The final results from the poll will be taken into consideration during the judging process being held on Tuesday, October 5 by a diverse committee of Bo..   show all text

  • Qwiki Just May Be The Future Of Information Consumption. And It’s Here Now.
    In the late 1980s, Apple created a few concept videos about a device they called the Computer Knowledge Navigator. These videos came up recently when Apple unveiled the iPad, because the machine in the videos is a tablet computer. But that’s about all the iPad has in common with this conceptual device. Instead, a new startup launching at TechCrunch Disrupt today, Qwiki, is much more like the futuristic computer in the videos.
    To be clear, Qwiki isn’t a piece of hardware. Instead, it..   show all text

  • RIM introduces PlayBook — the BlackBerry tablet — Engadget
    Today at Research In Motion's annual BlackBerry Developer Conference, CEO Mike Lazaridis announced the company's new tablet — the PlayBook. The tablet will utilize an OS created by the recently acquired QNX (just as we'd heard previous to the announcement) called the BlackBerry Tablet OS which will offer full OpenGL and POSIX support alongside web standards such as HTML5 (which is all tied into RIM's new WebWorks SDK). Lazaridis was joined on stage by the company's founder, Dan Dodge, who said..   show all text

  • RIM BlackBerry PlayBook – gdgt
  • What Happens At Y Combinator
  • 113 degrees in downtown? L.A. broils with triple-digit temperatures [Updated] | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times
    The heat wave that has gripped Southern California reached a high point Monday afternoon, with triple-digit temperatures from the coast all the way inland.
    As of noon, reported that downtown L.A. was broiling at 109 degrees; Santa Monica hit 106, West Hollywood was at 111 and Long Beach was at 107. [Updated at 12:52 p.m.: As of 12:50 p.m.: downtown L.A. had hit 113 degrees, a record high. Stuart Seto, a forecaster for the National Weather Service, said that's the hottest temperature..   show all text

  • Twitter to Start Selling Followers -
    Advertisers will be allowed to purchase placement in lists of "who to follow" recommendations targeted to users with particular interests on Twitter, according to the latest report by Peter Kafka on the Wall St. Journal's AllThingsD. Kafka reports that the new ad model will be unveiled at the IAB conference in New York City tomorrow.
    It's against Twitter's Terms of Service for outside parties to sell followers on the popular messaging service, but that's not just because Twitter wants..   show all text

  • Another Twitter feed gets CBS comedy deal -
    Exclu: Call it "$#*! My Roommate Says." CBS is developing two new comedies, including a project based off a Twitter feed produced by social-media master Ashton Kutcher. Following on the successful launch of its Twitter-inspired comedy "$#*! My Dad Says" last week, CBS has made a script deal for "Shh … Don't Tell Steve," based on a [...]

  • Call For Speakers: Business Owners Successfully Using Social Media : Marketing Melodie
    Every business owner knows they need a social media presence. Going to another event or conference and listening to someone talk about the “importance” of being on social media will not help grow your business. Although this information was once valuable, the real value now comes from being empowered with knowledge and tools on how to actually use social media properly. People need tactical tips on how to implement and insight on how to incorporate different social networks into the..   show all text

  • and Windows Live partnering together and providing an upgrade for 30 million Windows Live Spaces customers
    Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent a good bit of time talking about our approach to partnering with the web, and as part of that, how we’re deeply integrating with the leading consumer services that you find most valuable. Earlier today, I had the opportunity to get on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, and with Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic (the parent company of, announce an exciting partnership between our companies.
    Providing a great blogging experience
    As we look..   show all text

  • Microsoft to Close Its Blogging Platform – Migrates Users to
    Microsoft and WordPress just announced that will become the default blogging platform for Windows Live. Live Spaces' 30 million users will have six months to migrate their blogs over to and the two companies will offer a number of tools that should make this migration very easy. This announcement, which was made at TechCrunch Disrupt, comes as a bit of a surprise and will surely upset some of Windows Live Spaces' most active users. It does, however, fit into Microsof..   show all text

  • The Social Network: Ecosystem vs. Egosystem
    Of all the social networks competing for our online persona and social graph, Twitter is special. The culture and self-governing rules of engagement shaped by the “me” in social media, create a personalized  experience that looks and feels less like a “social” network and instead, creates as an empowering information exchange.
    Twitter is at the heart of the Web’s evolving egosystem and its archetype is powerful and quite understated.  For better or worse,..   show all text

  • Microsoft Announces Partnership With
    Microsoft announced a new partnership with today to make the default blogging platform for Windows Live.
    The partnership, which knits together Windows Live Spaces and, will allow for deep Windows Live integration with Windows Live will allow content to be posted directly to WordPress from Windows Live, and all new content published on WordPress will be cross-posted on users’ Windows Live profile.
    The new partnership is a win-win for..   show all text

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