What's Hot: CES Day 1

Looks like CES day 1 is winding down. Here's what I've found cool in compution, audio/video and robots:
* Startup Jump-Starts Wireless Power - Startup eCoupled Technologies is unveiling at CES 2007 a new wireless charging technology that could make standard wall chargers as old fashioned as the Model T. [via]
* Hourglass shaped laptop sleeves -  Built NY has laptop sleeeves made with 5mm wetsuit grade neoprene and a patent pending hourglass shape, the covers come in 12, 15, and 17-inch models. The bags can be ordered online in blue, black, and stripes at prices that start at $29.99. Stripes, which I wouldn't buy anyway, are an extra $3. Huh? [via]
* Engadget has everything you need to know about Windows Home Server I mentioned yesterday. A lot of geeks are saying ho-hum but I'm thinking this is going to be pretty cool if it is what I understand it to be. If a central point with lots of storage can simply suck down and back up anything attached to it's network that would be cool. And if all that it requires is simple turn-key plug and play then they have winner on their hands.
From Engadget:
# The client software, which is installable only on Windows PCs (duh) monitors PC health, manages backups, and supports full disk images and versions. If your computer crashes hard you can pop in an restore CD and it'll pull the disk image over the network.
# Your WHS device gets registered with your Windows Live account and is made easily-findable by authorized parties (i.e. you and anyone you designate) while on the go. You can even connect to it via Live and pipe a Remote Desktop connection to a PC on your home network through this Home-finding Live feature.

* Sanyo is updating its HD camcorder to Xacti HD2. I never used the HD1 but it did look pretty cool. Hopefully this one has video stabilization.
* i-Catching Projector (for iPods of course) -Dock your iPod in the ViewSonic PJ258D ViewDock Projector, and show your video files on any convenient screen or wall.[via]
* Panasonic is focusing on plasma technology. Surprising with all the talk of other types of tvs lately. I have a Toshiba plasma and wouldn't trade it for anything. Exceptional viewing angles is what sold me.
* SanDisk’s Sansa View - Sansa View is an 8GB flash player withat 4-inch screen. It is also capable of 1080i output! [via]
Robots and Toys
* UBOT is a robot vacuum AND a robo-mop. Are robo-vacs old news? Not in Korea. The UBOT only went on sale recently, and is a combo device that sucks dust off your floor, sweeps AND wet mops it in a single pass.[via]
* iRobot Unveils Create Robot - New kit gives hobbyists, educators and more the tools to program and remake Roomba-like robot. The Create is basically like the Roomba with out the vacuum part. [via]

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