FirefoxTutor - Help and Tips for the Firefox Browser

This is an excellent resource: Firefox™ Tutor - Help and Tips for the Firefox Browser. From the makers of Google Tutor & Advisor. I'll definately be adding a link to my Firefox Help, Tips and Tricks page.
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Firefox News 5/29/05

AOL Concocts a Mess With Netscape 8.0
Washington Post - Washington,DC,USA
... Fortunately, other parties (aided by a $2 million pledge from AOL) did pick up where AOL left off, turning Netscape into, first, Mozilla and then Firefox. ...
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Microsoft Says IE 7's Tabs Just "Catch-up
InformationWeek - Manhasset,NY,USA
... more details about its upcoming Internet Explorer 7, and admitted that its implementation of tabs will be just "catch-up" to rivals such as Firefox and Opera....
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Alpha version of Firefox 1.1 from Mozilla
Monsters and - Glasgow,UK
By Matt Hicks May 27, 2005, 19:15 GMT. (UPI) -- An alpha version of Firefox 1.1 is due out within days, bringing more Web standards support, extensions ...
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... Look for an or icon somewhere on the front page (see the left hand side of this page) or an "RSS" text link. If you use Mozilla Firefox (and you should do! ...

Microsoft Says IE 7's Tabs Just "Catch-up"
... 7, and admitted that its implementation of tabs -- one of the most-requested new features -- will be just "catch-up" to rivals such as Firefox and Opera....
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Netcraft launches anti-phishing toolbar
Softpedia - USA
... information. The toolbar had already an Internet Explorer compatible version, now they've released also a FireFox one. Netcraft ...
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Playlist: Digitize your LPs and tapes

Good resource for digitizing your LPs and tapes.
Via: MAKE: Blog


Originally uploaded by factoryjoe.

Revenge of the Fox!

Podcasting News 5/24/05

Apple iTunes gets into podcasting
BBC News - UK
... broadcasts. US politicians are also experimenting with podcasting after finding success with blogs during the presidential elections. ...
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The Lowdown on Podcasting
BusinessWeek - USA
... After much meandering, the discussion turns to podcasting, the latest craze on the Internet. ... TIVO FOR RADIO. What does podcasting mean to you? ...
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His Mission: Simplify Podcasting
BusinessWeek - USA
It's the paradox of podcasting. The new technology ... advertisers come? However, there's no doubt podcasting is growing fast. Feedburner ...

A Podcasting Hit Parade
BusinessWeek - USA
Here are BW Online's top picks for the new genre of Net radio. Listen and let us know which you like best. With the number of podcasts ... tunes up podcasting tool
... Podcasting lets people create audio programs and upload them onto the Internet where others can download and replay them on digital audio players including the ...
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Podcasting to receive Apple Support - Hereford,UK
Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder and chief executive demonstrated on Sunday evening how Apple's podcasting organization and downloading process would work at a ...

Media client monoculture
... secure their piece of the pie? It's up to you. Podcasting 101 Podcasting offers the same flexibility as TiVo. So, what do you need to ...
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Firefox News 5/24/05

Fans Flock to Firefox Flix
Wired News - USA
First they reinvented the browser, now they're rewriting the rules of advertising -- Firefox's guerilla marketing has gone straight to video, and it's taking ...
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Netcraft launches Toolbar for Firefox
DV Hardware - Netherlands
Netcraft today announced a Firefox version of its toolbar which protects users against malicious websites. The Toolbar community ...

Does Firefox really provide more security than IE?
NewsForge - USA
The article in question is a fluff piece which is mostly valuable as an example to aspiring writers of how not to compose sentences, much less how to present ...

IBM embraces Firefox
Computerworld New Zealand - Auckland,New Zealand
IBM staff in New Zealand and around the world now have the option of using the open source Firefox web browser as an alternative to Internet Explorer. ...

Pozz Failed viral for Firefox
AdLand - Copenhagen,Denmark
... Well, now they've created a campaign for Firefox over at, and these films received 300,000 views in the first day they say. ...

Living briefs
The Olympian - Olympia,WA,USA
FraudEliminator can help keep your information and identity safe while Web browsing with either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. ...

The Incredible Disappearing Web Ads
ClickZ News - New York,NY,USA
Now there's Greasemonkey, a Firefox browser extension (plug-in). The extension enables Firefox users to share scripts that change ...
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Vote Early. Vote Often.

Voting ends at 11:59 PM ET on June 30, 2005.

Tag Test 3

Another tag test
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Tag Test 2

Testing tags #2

tag test 1

This is a test of tagging.

Download PDF

sinceretheory points to an interesting extension called DownloadPDF:
This great Firefox extension called “Download PDF” will prompt you with a pop whenever you click on a PDF. It will ask if you want to view it in Firefox or just save it. This is at time save for anyone who has to wait nearly a minute for a PDF to render in your browser when ultimately, all your going to do is save it anyway.

Love the idea. Go pick it up here.

Google Customizable Home Page

Check this out... if you have a Google account you can have a home page that you can customize. Including the latest email in your GMail account.

On Frequent Rotation

Taking a break from tech news and tips...

In the last couple months I've been totally addicted to the music of The Lascivious Biddies. I first heard of them, as most people did outside of New York City and surrounding environs, on Adam Curry's podcast.

The beauty of their CDs is that all the songs have a different sound. Get Lucky has lots of originals and an awesome cover of the song Ask by Morrissey. Biddie-luxe has more covers but they tow are awesoe. I always feel if it's going to be a cover it has to be different than the original. These song definately stand on their own.

Go have a listen (click the image above). You can also keep up with the Biddies on their blog. The site also has a link to subscribe to their podcast.

Podcasting News 5/17/05

Radio station premieres fresh format: podcasting
San Francisco Chronicle - San Francisco,CA,USA
... sources. "This gets more visibility for the idea of podcasting, which is what I really care about,'' Winer said in an interview....
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How lightsabers work; podcasting tools; African hiphop radio
Press-Enterprise (subscription) - Riverside,CA,USA
... difficult. The new podcasting tools at Cnet. ... com. If you're still game, an want to go deeper, Podcasting Tools is all over this subject. ...

Syndicate - Beyond Words: Media RSS and Podcasting
InfoWorld - USA
My second panel on Wednesday at Syndicate is Beyond Words: Media RSS and Podcasting with David Berlind of ZDNet (blogs here, here, and here), David Payne of CNN ...

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is the latest in on-the-go, on-demand technology. With podcasting, you can listen to radio programs or events whenever and wherever you choose. ...

Podcasting Drag Queen Gets Listeners Out of Bed with Personalized ... (press release) - USA
Midwestern drag queen podcaster Wanda Wisdom launches a major offensive against world tardiness today by offering listeners a personalized wakeup call. ...

Independent Record Label Starts Podcasting
Podcasting News - Des Moines,IA,USA
Razor & Tie Entertainment, an independent record label and media company, has announced a label-wide launch of an ongoing series of podcasts. ...

In Pod We Trust
BBC News - UK
... Podcasting is an offshoot of that booming internet activity, blogging. ... Podcasting does some disruptive things to the established way of doing broadcast radio. ...
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Podcasting Starter Kit Makes Podcasting Easy (press release) - USA
Podcasting Starter Kit introduces the reader to the creative process required to make a podcast, eliminating the barrier to entry of complicated audio ...

Firefox News 5/17/05

IE 7 to take a cue from Firefox
... has confirmed that its upcoming version of Internet Explorer will include tabbed browsing, a feature made popular by competitors Opera Software and Firefox. ...
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Firefox Users Monkey With the Web
Wired News - USA
In a modern twist on the hot rodders of old, Firefox users are pimping the web, one browser at a time. They've added a delete button ...
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On a Firefox game hunt
Malaysia Star - Petaling Jaya,Malaysia
BY ZAM KARIM. OUT of the many types of free extensions for the Firefox browser, one of our favourites is the game add-ons. A good ...

Birmingham jumps into open-source pool with both feet - London,UK
... open source software including the GNU/Linux operating system, and such application software as the OpenOffice office suite and the Firefox browser, although ...
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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
Shacknews - USA
For those of you who haven't seen this before, Shacknews Comments Filter is a script for people running Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension that allows you ...

Yahoo! Search Web Services

Here is a list of all the RSS feeds that Yahoo offers.
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Firefox News 5/15/05

On-line periodical index

Hindu - Chennai,India
... The Firefox extension Greasemonkey, which helps instal the user scripts for altering a page's content has been created for this purpose....

Obtaining a fast Internet connection
MarketWatch - USA
... slower computers. Mozilla's Firefox, for example, can download Web pages faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Even customers ...

SpywareBlaster 3.4
TechSpot - USA
... Block spyware/tracking cookies in Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox. - Restrict the actions of potentially dangerous sites in Internet Explorer ...

About blogs
MetroWest Daily News -Framingham,MA,USA
... can be an independent piece of software that a user must install or a Web-based application that a user can access in a Web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox. ...

Podcasting News 5/15/05

Nerdsquad: iPods Take Podcasting to a New Level
Chronicle - Hempstead (subscription) - Hempstead,NY,USA
... The latest of these new crazes of iPod use is called "Podcasting.". Although it has been referred to by different names, Podcasting is not something new. ...
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Podcasting News 5/14/05

Audience With the Podfather
Wired News - USA
Once best known as a star veejay on MTV, Adam Curry is now a pioneer of podcasting. ... Podcasting is a lot more difficult than dashing off a post on a weblog. ...
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Firefox News 5/14/05

Two New Products Tighten Firefox Security, Privacy

Lee Itzhaki, director of product management for Anonymizer, said that many of his company's product users were early adopters of Firefox and asked for a suite ...
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FireFox Pushes Explorer's Market Share Below 90%
Slyck - Astoria,NY,USA
In addition, the study found that FireFox's market share in the United States has grown to near 7% (6.75.) Since FireFox 1.0's debut in November of 2004, its ...

IBM backs Firefox for browser.
HTML FixIT - Grand Rapids,MI,USA
According to Cnet, 10 percent of IBM's staff already use the Open Source Firefox web browser, and IBM is going to offically back Firefox as the browser of ...

Podcasting News 5/11/05

Podcasting Looks Like One Important Factor In Apple's Financial ...
Corante - USA
Podcasting, along with blogging and other DIY media, are being counted as factors for the stong outlook, at least by some, over Apple's future. ...

PodCasting - Using Your Ezine For PodCast Delivery and Promotion
Ezine - USA
PodCasting and RSS go together, but can PodCasting and Ezines go together? Let's ... convenience.". PodCasting is really about time shifting......

Search Interest in Podcasting Jumps 1,000 Percent
Podcasting News - Des Moines,IA,USA
According to search provider Lycos, search requests relating to podcasting are up 1,000 percent. In addition, Lycos is calling Godcasts ...

Provident Partners Becomes First Marketing Firm to Join PodcastMN. ...
Yahoo News (press release) - USA
... Provident Partners' innovative approach to reaching marketers though podcasting in a crisp, short format is breaking ground in this new medium. ...

Firefox News 5/11/05

Firefox 1.0.4 Release Candidate Patches Bugs
Information Week - USA
The patch plugs a cross-scripting vulnerability that could let an attacker gain control of a Firefox-equipped computer if its user simply surfs to a malicious ...
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Browser Firefox gains on Explorer
Seattle Times - Seattle,WA,USA
Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser has lost share in the US to the Firefox browser, designed by a 17-year-old programmer, falling to 88.9 percent of the ...
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Firefox keeps growing
Firefox continues to rack up incremental market share gains against Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but security concerns may be taking their toll as the growth ...

Firefox Flaws Just a Numbers Game
CIO Today - Woodland Hills,CA,USA
By Kimberly Hill. As the number of Firefox users continues to climb, the ratio of those who can be exploited will climb, too. The ...
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Anonymizer Strengthens Firefox Web Browser Security
Market Wire (press release) - USA
... solutions, today announced Anonymizer Total Privacy Suite™ -- the first comprehensive identity protection product that works with Firefox, Mozilla's wildly ...
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Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 Release Candidates
Asa Dotzler wrote in to tell us that release candidate builds of Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 are now available. Firefox 1.0.4 includes ...

Firefox Launches Viral Campaign - Westport,CT,USA
... AM EST. THE FIRST-EVER FIREFOX AD CAMPAIGN launched last week with a set of viral spots created by French viral agency Pozz. The ...

Beware the cute mascots Mr Softie

Originally uploaded by Lordcolus.

Deluxe Google scraper bookmarklet

Here is a hack for Firefox that lets you scrape your Google search results and produce and HTML table of the links that can be imported into Excel.
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This looks pretty cool:GTDTiddlyWiki
It's a personal wiki that you down load and save to your computer. Let's you keep track of things a la GTD.

via: Lifehacker

Some Picassa tips

Picassa is great but it does like to try and keep track of every media item you have. You can set it up just just monitor certain folders. Here is an excellent how-to on doing just that: Link

Firefox News 5/10/05

Firefox Now Owns Nearly 7 Percent Of Browser Share
Information Week - USA
Firefox continues to chip away at Microsoft Internet Explorer's market share. ..."Firefox marches on," said Geoff Johnston, an analyst with WebSideStory. ...
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Two New Products Tighten Firefox Security, Privacy
TechNewsWorld - Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
Lee Itzhaki, director of product management for Anonymizer, said that many of his company's product users were early adopters of Firefox and asked for a suite ...

Podcasting News 5/10/05

BBC Series Features Podcasting
Podcasting News - Des Moines,IA,USA
The latest BBC In Business show features conversations with several leaders in media industry about podcasting and Internet radio. ...

Podcasters May Be Overlooking Huge Legal Risks in the Fine Print
Send2Press (press release) - USA
... terms and conditions of use for podcasters submitting their audio programs for broadcast on Infinity's KYOU Radio, the world's first podcasting radio station. ...

Podcaster Fired Over Podcast; Too Naughty for South Carolina
Podcasting News - Des Moines,IA,USA
... They think that Nate won't have trouble finding another job, and aren't going to let the incident get in the way of their podcasting. ...

Firefox: More Details on Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability

You may have seen all the reports in the news yesterday and today regarding the latest security flaw in Firefox that affects the latest released version (1.0.3). Basically, there are 2 issues. One relating to JavaScript code injection and another involving the icon URL used in the software installation dialogue. Note, the second one is more serious and is easily fixed. From Mozillazine:
As this code actually runs from the software installation dialogue, rather than a webpage, it is executed with 'full chrome privileges', meaning that it can do anything that the user running Firefox can, including installing software or deleting files. This is the more serious flaw, allowing arbitrary software execution, and only affects Mozilla Firefox. It can prevented by disabling software installation.
To disable software installation click Tools - Options on Web Features tab, deselect 'Allow web sites to install software'.
This shouldn't be a problem to disable. The main problem would probably be if you wanted to install an extension. That's easily done by right-clicking and downloading the extension then opening the xpi file from your hard disk with going the the File menu and clicking Open File.
Via: MozillaZine Talkback

Firefox News 5/9/05

Two Holes Poke Firefox Veneer - USA
It seems Mozilla's Firefox, the undisputed darling of the alternative browser set, isn't immune after all to the slings and arrows suffered by other popular ...
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Firefox Plug-In Protects Privacy
eWeek - Woburn,MA,USA
A new tool bar for the Mozilla Foundation's fashionable Firefox open-source Web browser can protect Web surfers from hidden online threats and help them cover ...

Firefox hit with new critical flaws - Haarlem,Netherlands
A French security testing company has found two holes in the latest version of Firefox that it rates as 'critical'. The vulnerabilities ...

Firefox Browser Ready for Business
TechNewsWorld - Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
By Laura DL Bracken. Firefox offers "tabbed browsing," which allows users to create frequently viewed pages as tabs that are loaded when the browser starts up. ...
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Help Firefox with Tiger Integration - Santa Monica,CA,USA
Inside Firefox has a post noting that the Firefox team is exited about the release of Tiger, "but most of the core development team is swamped with 1.1 bug ...

Firefox 1.1: Previewing The Next Release
Neowin - Netherlands
After the very successful launch of Opera 8 a few weeks ago, more than a few Firefox aficionados have started to wonder if their fluffy open-source browser is ...
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Firefox is vulnerable too
SC Magazine - London,UK
... system. A Firefox update to correct the flaw is expected shortly. In April SC reported Firefox passed 50 million downloads. Many ...

On a Firefox hunt for Safari bookmarks
San Diego Union Tribune - San Diego,CA,USA
By David L. Hart. I downloaded the Firefox Web browser and would like to import bookmarks from Safari. Can you guide me in the process? ...

Extremely critical flaws found in Firefox 1.0.3
DV Hardware - Netherlands
A pair of extremely critical bugs, that could allow a malicious user to take over one's PC, were found in Mozilla's Firefox web browser earlier this month. ...

Firefox ‘supports' security holes
Two extremely critical security vulnerabilities in FireFox, the ultimate alternative to Internet Explorer, were discovered by security researchers. ...

Trevor Time!!!

Congratulations to San Diego Padres Pitcher Trevor Hoffman on his 400th career save!

Trevor becomes the 3rd player in history to reach that mark. The others, Lee Smith (478) and John Franco (424)

Back and Forward Now Blazingly Fast

The nightly builds of Firefox (and thus the future 1.1 version) will contain some interesting caching mechanisms for making the back and forward buttons perform much faster. Mozillazine reports:
The latest nightly builds of Mozilla Firefox include a new feature that significantly improves the speed of the Back and Forward buttons. When using Back and Forward in older builds, the page is retrieved from the local cache rather than the Internet but Gecko still has to reparse the HTML and use it to rerender the page, which can take a while with more complex documents. With this new feature, the rendered page is kept in memory, which makes Back and Forward performance much faster (almost instantaneous). In addition, going back or forward to a page cached in this way shows the page exactly how it was when you left it, in compliance with section 13.13 of RFC 2616.

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Google Web Accelerator

Google has a new program in Beta called the Google Web Accelerator. This thing could be interesting. Basically it funnels your request through Google's servers and uses it's cache. If only a little bit has changed on a page then you only get that little bit downloaded. Privacy experts may whine because it does cache some information for a little bit. To be clear, it excludes any https site for privace reasons. I'm giving it a test so it's a little too early to report any seed ups but I think it's worth a try.
I'd think that this would help dial-up users however, while you can use it with dial-up, Google says it's optimized for cable and dsl.
Via Google Blog
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Podcasting News 5/3/05

Aruntx Podcasting Network Celebrates National Teacher Day 2005
New Age Media Concepts - USA
NEW YORK, NY, (NAMC) - Aruntx Podcasting Syndication Network, a division of Aruntx Publishing Company,, wants you to know that this year ...
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Podcasting is coming
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - St. Louis,MO,USA
By David Sheets. Podcasting, a broadcast format that wasn'ta blip on anyone's radar a year ago, appears poised to pop out of its pod. ...
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RSS and Podcasting for Marketing your Business
Xtvworld (press release) - India
... See how you can boost your business with RSS & Podcasting. ...
Podcasting articles have been covered by USA Today, Newsweek, and Business Week. ...

Podfather Dave Winer Turns 50; Still Diggin'
Podcasting News - Des Moines,IA,USA
In a surprise move only tangentially related to podcasting, iconoclast and developer Dave Winer turned 50 today. Winer created RSS ...
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Disney courts the pod people
Los Angeles Daily News - Los Angeles,CA,USA
... will give the new techno-trend a boost today when it starts podcasting festivities that will lead up to Disneyland's 50th anniversary celebration, which kicks ...
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Firefox News 5/3/05

New Opera browser falls short on basics

Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) - New South Wales,Australia
... Many of Opera's returning features are similar to those of Mozilla's Firefox, which itself offers more than Microsoft's ageing Internet Explorer. ...
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Firefox plugs eight security holes with new patches
News Target - Taichung,Taiwan
The increasingly popular Firefox browser was found to have several security holes, all of which were listed as highly critical. ...

Mozilla Firefox Developers Announce Prizes For Spreading The Word
Halifax Live - Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
By DL McCracken. The increasingly popular Firefox web browser passed a milestone last Friday as it was revealed that downloads have exceeded 50 million copies. ...

O'Reilly web statistics, 35.8% Firefox.
HTML FixIT - Grand Rapids,MI,USA
O'Reilly have released their web browser usage statistics. Firefox accounts for at least 35.8% of their traffic now, with Internet Explorer at 54.66%. ... Chat with Marcia Knous
MozillaZine - USA
Marcia will answer questions about Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird and also talk about Firefox & Thunderbird Garage , the book she recently co-authored ...
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Podcasting News 5/2/05

Sirius Podcasting
WebProNews - Lexington,KY,USA
lexiconiferous?) universe that cyberspace has berthed, the most recent newborn phenomenon of "podcasting" has caused radio giant Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. ...
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Sirius Hops Podcasting Bandwagon
Wired News - USA
Sirius Satellite Radio is latching onto the podcasting phenomenon, launching a show later this month that will feature a daily selection of the increasingly ...

Will Viacom's podcasting plan work?
Corante - USA
... programming of a one-lung San Francisco AM radio station." Some pundits are even hailing the move as a tipping point and a signal that podcasting could go ...

Top of Mind: Podcasting Offers A Sound Technique
Brandweek Magazine - New York,NY,USA
... Internet is nothing new. Look at the recent and still booming trend toward blogging, podcasting's predecessor. In less than five ...

Paris Podcast Panned
Podcasting News - Des Moines,IA,USA
The Paris Hilton Podcast, one of the most highly publicized podcasts to date, is meeting with mixed reviews in the podcasting community. ...

First Retail Wine Podcast in North America Released by Centennial ...
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
... way. Podcasting lets people download audio programs to their computer, then to an MP3 player or iPod and listen whenever they like. ...

Aruntx Podcasting Defines Podcast Super Summer 2005 (press release) - USA
i-Newswire, 2005-05-01 - New York, NY - Aruntx Newswire Podcasting, a division of Aruntx Publishing Company,, a Microsoft Certified Solutions ...

Firefox News 5/2/05

Firefox Tweaking Guide

DV Hardware - Netherlands
After teasing you with a one-page placeholder, and after plenty of delays, I've finally released the final version of my Firefox Tweak Guide. ...

You've got new-looking mail: AOL revamps IM

Media Life Magazine - USA
... Mozilla Foundation's Firefox hit a major milestone Friday, with more than 50 million copies of the program downloaded, according to its distributors. ...
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Safari and RSS explained
Mac Daily News - USA
... "(Firefox, an outstanding free browser for Windows, Macintosh and ... "Now here's where it gets interesting. Exactly as in Firefox, you can bookmark this RSS feed. ...
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Firefox nightlies now build with SVG - USA
Firefox nightly builds now have SVG support. (Look for builds with the string -svg- in them.) Currently Linux is not build with ...

Firefox 1.1 Plans Native SVG Suppor

O'Grady's Power Page - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Slashdot is reporting that nightly builds of Firefox 1.1 have SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) support built-in, stepping up the browser arms race between Safari ...

Linux Professional 9.3
AME Info - United Arab Emirates
The solution includes the latest OpenOffice productivity suite and Firefox web browser, email and instant messaging tools, digital photo organisers, multimedia ...
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Firefox News 5/1/05

Firefox Crosses 50 Million Downloads, Market Share is 8.69 Percent - USA
Mozilla Foundation's web browser, Firefox crossed the 50 million-download mark and is emerging a serious market player. Mozilla ...
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Firefox viable alternative to Explorer
Henderson Gleaner - Henderson,KY,USA
... What I am not sure people know is you can download Firefox and keep Internet Explorer around, so you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try. How? ...
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Firefox Hits 50 Million Downloads
LXer - Kerrville,TX,USA
Mozilla announced Friday that its Firefox Web browser had reached the 50 million download mark, less than six months after its official launch last November. ...

Firefox reaches 50 million downloads - USA
... line. Thanks to the hundreds of you who have regaled us with your heartwarming and often hilarious tales of spreading Firefox. We ...

RIAA File-Sharing Lawsuits Top 10,000 People Sued
Slashdot - USA
An anonymous reader writes "While Firefox broke the 50,000,000 barrier today, the RIAA broke a more dubious barrier this week: It has now sued over 10,000 file ...

Podcasting News 5/1/05

Radio station switching to Web `podcasts'
The Register-Guard - Eugene,Oregon,USA
... eyebrows within the radio industry because Infinity is using an AM station in one of the country's largest markets to experiment with podcasting, which has ...
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